User appears in recent visitors list when other user "touches" their post RRS feed

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  • That's just another bug in the forums software.  When somebody else posts to a thread you contributed to, it will update your "last visited"status to that person's visit time.  Other than making it look like you were there when you weren't, that has screwed up the point recognition ranking for the past 9 months.  They fixed the ranking calculation, but never got rid of the underlying reason it didn't work.  The back-end is not in good shape.

    Hans Passant.

    Hi Hans.  Thanks for that info.  That's relieving...

    Yes, I just checked my old  [ blank ]  screenamed profile (banned Apr 27), and at this very moment it says:  Last Active: Friday, May 15, 2009

    So that pretty well confirms that something is goofed up, doesn't it?     :))

    In theory, since that profile references this very thread, and I'm now submitting to it with a different profile, I should see that old  [ blank ]  screename appear in "Recent Visitors".  I will check to see if it happens and post back.



    Nope.  It's fully 2 hours later, and my old  [ blank ]  screename never appeared in the "Recent Visitors" list. 

    But now I think I have a plausible explanation.  If my post was subsequently edited by a moderator, possibly that would be seen and reported by the forum software as though I had actually done it.  Whatever.  But you can imagine my surprise to find my own (banned) account active in "Recent Visitors".  Creepy!

    Ok.  I see what's going on with the phantom Recent Visitor thing.  Here's an example.  A little while ago, R.V.MVP marked Zeus's post as Answered.  Zeus hadn't been logged into that forum for a long time.  Yet he immediately appeared as a Recent Visitor.  I cut-n-pasted it for you to see.  Hope it displays correctly.

    Recent Visitors

    Ronnie Vernon Ronnie Vernon
    Kerry_Brown Kerry_Brown
    Drew1903 Drew1903
    Zeus76 Zeus76
    Y.Praveen Y.Praveen
    derosnec‌ derosnec‌
    megafast13 megafast13
    Nosmo King Nosmo King

    Here's the actual thread:
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