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    Hey everyone,


    I wanted to take a moment to feel out the expectations of Project Gatineau, and some of the practical uses.  Firstly, I am  a Certified Developer for .Net, and have been around MS Development for about 15 years or so.  I am also very familiar with Livestats from DeepMetrix, way before they changed their name to DeepMetrix. 


    That being said, When I saw that Gatineau was in beta and the new name for the livestats package, I was very excited, since it is hard to find a good Windows platform analytics package, especially after Livestats stopped selling.  However, I'm at a bit of loss here with the direction that Gatineau has gone. 


    While Livestats was valuable as something I could run locally, and manage my log files, (5 years worth of log files) etc, I'm finding that this is no longer the case with Gatineau.  So, any website trends that i've had until I get my beta code, are basically lost.  Secondly, there is no integration points with any of my current systems, such as our CRM or custom membership providers.  I am going to assume that all I get is a javascript link that I put into my webpage (much like i do for Google) and view a bunch of canned reports. 


    Also, I see that Microsoft AdCenter which used to be available thru MSDN has also shifted focus.  The expectation that I had, was to have our marketing strats Internalized, measured on our hardware, with the ability to link thru to our CRM (saleslogix - MsSql based).  Basically, I expected to see Livestats integrated with the AdCenter Server and hosted on our machines to manipulate as we see fit.  With everything hosted on your servers, That actually changes our Privacy Plan.


    I guess what I'm saying is that while the current version of Gatineau, as it stands, will be no better than whats currently availble for free from Google, we will not have any access points for system integration, and we will not own our data.  While this may be good for a personal website, or a small business, this is not something that I would not recommend for a corporate solution.  Google atleast has Urchin, which is available to host on your own servers, but integration with that system may prove to be too large of project that we want to tackle. 


    I would expect tho, from Microsoft Corp (not the Live franchise)  is to have something available for us (corporate developers and system integraters) to tinker with and build internal systems with, with our own bells and whistles.  I am hoping that this may be something that is part of Gatineau in the near future, if not the final release.  I wouldn't mind purchasing a 'Corporate Edition' vs. a private or small biz edition if one were availble with features that were adressed above (hint hint hint)


    The Question I pose to the forum is this:  What did you expect to see with Gatineau, and what did you want to do with it? 


    ~Dan Regalia








    Wednesday, January 2, 2008 7:23 PM

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    You couldn't have said it better.  Microsoft totally screwed the pooch on this one.  They could have had a package that integrated into their current web services to provide powerful, local stats.  Instead they decided to look only at livestats.asp and told the rest of us to pound salt.   I'm very disappointed with their responses thus far.  By the way - that "live" you have to pay even to be in the program, muchless do a beta test of it for them.  I have a dedicated server and over 100 sites that I monitor with Livestats.  I could easily retool them all to use google analytics (especially the ones that are content managed).  I'm certainly NOT going to retool them to use Gatineau if I have to pay per site and/or pay to get an account, and what I REALLY want are log analytics, not javascript based ones that can be fooled based on whether the browser supports javascript or not.


    I'm massively disappointed in the entire Gatineau project, and very disappointed in the owners of Livestats for not negotiating support for their Livestats.xsp product after the sale to Microsoft.


    Lee Drake

    Thursday, January 3, 2008 1:57 PM
  • Dan,

    Thanks for your post - I'm sorry it's taken some time for someone from Microsoft to respond to you.

    I have written a post on my own blog which hopefully answers some of the questions you raise. Here's the link:


    If you have further questions, feel free to either post them here, as a comment on my blog, or contact me directly (contact details on my about page). I hope you don't mind me sharing your question with my blog readership, but I thought it was interesting and merited a slightly wider audience.

    Ian Thomas
    Thursday, January 10, 2008 7:41 AM