MSFx 2.0 : how do i add columns to a table in a syncscope ? RRS feed

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  • i need to add columns to a table in a sync scope...

    what is the procedure to do this, without having to transfer all syncdata yet again (data in the _tracking tables)


    I've tried doing this:

    - delete the syncscope, but keep the trackingtables

    - add the column to the scope

    - provision the databases

    But this doesn't work, because i get an error when provisioning the client database. 'the tracking tables already exist' !!


    so im stuck at the moment :-(


    Found a way to detect if the tracking table already exist !



    Hmm... Provisioning the client fails, because the sync scope isn't created in the scope_info and the scope_config table !! 


    Wednesday, October 20, 2010 7:35 AM