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  • Hi, Friends Recently i found Windows live Writer, and i am really impressed with it

    I downloaded the new SDK version and i am using it, meanwhile i found some good features but it still lacking some of important features

    Take these as just suggestions

    Bad things First:

    1. Format options, It is really annoying to change font,color of the post every time we have to go to menus

    expecting: Format menu bar

    Best offer You can Give: Format options like Office2007 (if we selected any part of post, a popup menu will apper with options)  

    2. Changing default options for Formatting ( Means i always uses Verdana font for my Blog, But Writers default font is some xxx)

    Expecting: We should have a save as default option for Font,Size and Color option

    3.When we are opening Writer the blog is not updating properly in preview mode (Posts are not appearing)

    4. during my 3 days of Writer experience it stopped working more than 5 times ( But the better thing is it is not crashed entirely)

    Now the Good things:

    1. Switching between Edit/Preview/Source mode its really very use full change

    2. Very cool environment to post

    3. Support for Lightbox and other linking options like title,rel

    Some more options we are expecting:

    1.When i am opened my previous posts and switched to source view it is not showing the actual path of the images (ex: instead of   http://......png it is just showing the local path) if we get the actual path it is useful for us if we want to do any modifications

    2.Provide the text alignment options as buttons at menu bar

    Final Statement:

    I am really thanking you people for this best application for blogging, i am really very very impressed with this application

    I am just a basic user and is there any mistakes in my post please take it lite

    Friday, June 20, 2008 6:03 PM

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  • satishlive, first let me apologize for not repsonding sooner to your post.  We really appreciate you using Writer and taking the time to provide us with great feedback.

    I wanted to assure you that we've read your feedback and will be add it to our list of considertions for a future release.  You may want to check out the latest public beta at http://download.live.com/writer where some of your issues have already been addressed.

    Becky Pezely, Windows Live Writer
    • Edited by Becky Pezely Tuesday, October 28, 2008 11:57 PM wanted to revise reply to customer
    Tuesday, October 28, 2008 11:55 PM
  • Also, you mention that Writer stops working a lot (though doesn't crash completely).  When that happens again, would you mind sending me your log file and referencing this post when you do?

    You can get to your log file by going to the Help | About dialog and clicking on the link to open your log file.  My email is becky.pezely@microsoft.com.
    Becky Pezely, Windows Live Writer
    Wednesday, October 29, 2008 12:00 AM