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  • Are there any plans to have user-driven tags added to an advertising platform?  I look at amazon.com's tagging system and am amazed.  It could use some cleaning up in the searching for products by tag, such as allowing to search by tags AND more general categories, or searching by multiple tags with boolean logic, and a much cleaner UI.

    Advertising, especially on the internet, seems to be all about algorithms that try to guess the desires of the user.  Why not simply ask them?  It sounds too obvious to be useful I suppose, but I think there is a lot of power in user-driven tagging.

    Imagine, a website having a profile, either initially set by an algorithm or by humans.  Then advertisers compete for placement based on how the ad is tagged, again either initially by algorithm or humans.  Once the ad and webpage have initial tag data, allow users to modify the tag data of the webpage and/or the ads freeform.  You could have a culling algorithm to keep the databases clean of low popularity tags over time if space was an issue.

    I am part of an everquest 2 website community and they use google for advertising.  They hate platinum selling sites, but they crop up from time to time as ads.  People have to get the web address, post it on the forums, and then after the site owners have added it to the banned list, wait for it to cycle out of google's system.  Its a waste of an ad for the advertiser and reflects badly on the website, and its owners.  They take pride in their game.

    If you wanted to get fancy, you could even attempt to implement a web-wide ad system that customizes iteself based on the individual user.  Allow them to log in to the advertising system, create a profile of intentional tags, and collect tag data through search keywords, how they rate ads they see, which ads they click on and for what purpose.  Allow users to optionally sign up for a system where their tags are compared to tags of other users.  Basically creating the biggest, most dynamic, and I would say useful social network ever, while making money from the advertising.

    So I guess the point of the question is, what are your thoughts on a weighted, user driven, profile driven, group aware, culling, viral tagging advertising-networking system?

    Thursday, March 1, 2007 12:10 AM

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  • I belive adcenter has certain parameters and advanced keyword tagging that can change your live search ads.
    Friday, March 2, 2007 5:16 PM