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  • I am having a peculiar problem with the MS CRM 2011 and Outlook: Tasks don't synchronize correctly.

    The setup: CRM 2011 running on a server in Europe, running 5.0.9690.4150. I have both a desktop and laptop, running Outlook with the CRM add-in (same version number as above). The desktop is designated as the "sync partner". I also access the CRM directly via IE.

    Typical case: one of our admins assigns a task to me, related to a contact. I see the task in my outlook task pane. I then typically log into the CRM using IE, and open the task. I do something (respond to the email, for example), then change the due date of the task for later follow-up. In CRM, the task is moved to the future date. After syncing with Outlook, I see now 2 tasks. One at the original date, one at the future date. Opening the one with the original data in Outlook and opening the contact from there ("regarding") takes me to that contact and looking at the "Activities" shows me the FUTURE task, but not a task for the current date. If I then go back to Outlook to mark the task that shouldn't be there as complete, it syncs with the CRM, and marks the FUTURE task as complete, but leaves the future task in Outlook untouched.

    At this point, then, I have NO task in the CRM anymore, but a task in Outlook that refers to a contact with no further activities.

    This has been vexing me for weeks now, and I am constantly losing tasks that I then have to search for and recreate. I have already tried to completely delete the CRM add-ins from my Outlook, and then re-install them. Same problem.

    Am I the only one who has this problem?

    Any ideas what I can do to track this behavior to find out what is going on?

    Friday, August 29, 2014 5:20 PM