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  • tia  for any replies.
    Has anybody tried deploying Monitoring Server Reports (OCS R2) onto SQL 2008? If so, you may know the answer...

    Our Env :32 Bit W2k3 DC, (All 64 bit) SQL 2008 -W2k8,OCSR2-W2k8,Qoe and Archiving-W2k8

    My Problem:I get the following error Script Output:cannot connect


    Really should the Deployment wizard asking for the above path?(is ReportService2005.asmx for 2008 SQL).

    I tried browsing the above on the SQL2008 server as well, obviously doesnt exist..

    I have attached a Certificate so that in the Reporting Services Configuration I could create an ssl site.

    SQL reporting services 2008 does not require IIS 7.0, as SQL 2008 has a Http Listener, is that all, am I missing a point.

    Tuesday, September 1, 2009 5:41 PM

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  • Hi
    Here are some suggestions for you to make a troubleshooting.
    1. Was the windows firewall on the server turned on when you activate Monitoring server, if it was turned off, you must add some exceptions for QOE and CDR services, you can check out through your event log.
    2. Please ensure the account RTCComentService' password and the RTCReport Pack' password all meets the AD password requirements.
    3. Please ensure you have published the reports successfully and configured the certificate properly.
    4. What about you typed the reporting server URL when you deployed the monitoring server reports. Plese ensure you current using meet it.
    5. You can check your monitoring server status through the administration tool. It will show you the general settings included the reports URL, the CDR status and the QoE status. Is there anything failed?
    6. Please ensure you enable the port 5089 on your enterprise pool. Did you have install and configure Message Queuing on the FE. you will probably have to manually start the QoE Agent service on those servers.
    You can refer to below links:

    If those cannot help you, you'd better publish some more information such as the event log, the configuration of your Monitor server or the Trace log(use netmon or wireshark), and we will do further research regarding to your issue.

    Tuesday, September 8, 2009 5:37 AM