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  • Alright so I have officially transferred my windows live spaces over to wordpress before the end of march 2011 deadline and I almost feel like a real blogger now! I did this through Windows Live Spaces.


    There was an option on the migration wegpage to " 'Setup in Writer' While you're setting things up, do you want to Configure Windows Live Writer on your computer? Requires Windows Live Writer 2011."When you click on the hyper link 'Configure Windows Live Writer' it opens up a new window titled 'Windows Live Writer' with the main heading and details:

    Add a blog account

    Web address of your blog:

    This field is blank

    This is the web address that visistors use to read your blog. 

    User name:

    This field is blank


    This field is blank


    (So for example)


    Username (Just try use captial intial letter, I wasn't at first, but when I did it worked)

    Password (I already had setup my Wordpress account and changed my password, so I was sure what it was)


    The contents of the window changes to:

    Setting up your blog account

    (image of laptop on left and globe with book on right - page flies left to right)

    Analysing blog homepage web address and contents ....

    (Progess bar>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>)


    (If this fails you get the following response:)

    The window displays new contents as follows:

    Select blog type

    Windows Live Writer was not able to automatically detect your blog settings. Please select the type of blog that you are using to continue.

    Type of blog that you are using:

    (Drop down box - I select 'WordPress.com')

    Remote posting web address for your blog:

    (The default entry is: http://<blogname>.wordpress.com/xmlrpc.php)



    (Clicking next displays new window)

    'Windows Live Writer'

    You need to customize the blog API URL before proceeding. The following values were not customized:


    Please change these values to whatever is appropriate for your blog server.

    OK (button)


    I am then taken back to the previous window and even if I attempt to change the section of the web address <blogname> to my username, I have no luck.


    So make sure your username is correct and that you have used a capital letter in the entry field. Otherwise you won't be able to proceed. Once you do get past that section, the new window contents are:

    Your blog has been set up

    Please confirm that you would like to save this blog.

    Writer will periodically check for, and download, new configuration information for your blog.

    Blog nickname:



    > Share my blog on Window Live 

    Show updates on Windows Live so people know when I add new posts to my blog.



    Alright, so Windows Live Writer will then open up. It is like a basic word processer, similar to WordPad on Windows 7, except you can publish your blogs to WordPress from within it with relative ease and it merely asks for your user name and password to do so. For those that don't realise, you need to have already created a wordpress account prior to linking Windows Live Writer to WordPress.


    Anyway, another way of linking Windows Live Writer is going through the Start menu ' Windows Live Writer' which brings up a window with the main contents:

    Configure Windows Live Writer

    Use Windows Live Writer to blog about whatever interests you. Add photos and videos, and then publish to popular blogging services, including WordPress, Blogger, and Typepad.

    Learn more about Windows Live Writer.

    'NEXT' or 'CANCEL' buttons available.


    (Pushing next brings up new contents in the window)

    What blog service do you use?

    Many popular blog services work with Windows Live Writer/ If you don't have a blog, click Create a new blog.


    • Create a new blog
    • WordPress
    • SharePoint
    • Windows Live Spaces
    • Other services

              Blogger, TypePad, and more

    BACK NEXT or CANCEL (buttons)

    (New contents displayed in window)

    Create a new blog on WordPress.com

    Windows Live is partnering with WordPress.com to help improve your blogging experience. Creating a blog and then setting it up in Writer is easy.

    Go to (Symbol) www.WordPress.com

    After creating your blog online, look for the button on the WordPress.com webpage to setup your blog in Writer.

    (When you click the hyperlink, it comes up with button to connect your Windows Live account

    BACK or CANCEL buttons only available.


    Hope this helps. It helped me, as I was having trouble trying to work out the username issue before realising I just need to capitalise the 1st letter ;)







    Sunday, March 20, 2011 12:22 AM

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  • I was getting the "Windows Live Writer was not able to automatically detect your blog" error but it turned out the solution was very different.  I have two WP blogs, one public and the other invite-only.  I was getting that error only on the invite-only one.  To work around, I only had to set it to public in the WP settings.privacy section, make the WLW connection, and then set the privacy back to private.
    Friday, February 24, 2012 3:15 PM