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  • Regarding Dan Tan's request in thread

    I'm afraid I can't recall exactly what steps I took. I was using Internet Explorer 8 on Vista x64. I did NOT use the code block but only typed in a couple of lines of code as regular text entry.

    Frequently I do try to edit the old entry to correct the problem. However, in this case I was presented with an empty text box (as if all the characters were white). I've seen this occur with previous edits, not just this one. I've also noticed this does not occur with Firefox.

    Hope this helps
    Tuesday, August 4, 2009 4:18 PM


  • 2 Issues here:

    1) Code formatting after posting. I/we did a copy and paste directly on the editor and didn't get the code snippet mangled. Something else got mangled when the post got submitted. Probably html when we copied and pasted. We can't repro this problem and if we use the code editor, we get the proper formatting.

    2) Content disappears after editing a post. We've actually fixed this issue a couple releases back. Have you tried using a different machine and see if the problem still exists. I remember 1 instance reported in this forum that the problem was machine specific. It's probably cached items in IE or Cookies. You can try to delete cached items in IE or delete the cookies (Only MS cookies).


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    Tuesday, August 4, 2009 5:59 PM