Primary Volume Is Failing? Is it really , really failing? RRS feed

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  • So...I roll outa bed...grab a coffee and I notice that WHS is giving me a major health notification...for the third time in as many weeks

    "Volume with name Primary Volume is failing. Please try to run Repair to fix errors for disk ST3320620A."

    I log onto the server via Remote Desktop...check ALL the usual spots...Event Viewer...run chkdsk...no signs of any issues anywhere. I run Repair as instructed via the WHS console...it attempts to do something and then runs it's course leaving the disk still in an "unhealthy" state.

    What's the deal? This is a brand new drive in a brand new box. Plus the "repair" is not working which is causing me concern. What else can I check? Is it really failing? Is it a PP3 bug?

    One other really odd thing. This "build" of WHS was done via a "Server Restore" and even tho I complete changed the primary hard disk to a new one - I noticed it still has the "name" (ST3320620A) of the old Seagate primary drive I yanked out a few weeks ago

    Appreciate any insight

    Monday, December 14, 2009 9:39 PM

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  • Hi,
    I have seen this also occuring one time on my Windows Home Server OEM system. Also no result which would explain the message.
    I could imagine something in the context, that the last shutdown/reboot cycle was not clean, which triggers chkdsk on a normal system as well.
    So if the message does not reappear, I would tend to forget it for the time.

    The cloning of the physical disk properties was an experience, which people have seen in the past as the only successful method to clone the system disk. So maybe these have been restored from some files on other drives, which keep the information about the disk IDs stored. Without this ID the drives in the storage pool are usually declared as "missing".
    Best greetings from Germany
    Monday, December 14, 2009 9:55 PM
  • So if the message does not reappear, I would tend to forget it for the time.

    Well - that's just it. It is reappearing....like ever 8 days or so for no reason whatsoever. I went trolling through thr threads in hear going back like 2 years where MS said they were fixing "false positives" like this back in the PP1 days...here we are into PP3 and the same ____ continues to display itself.

    Like others who have experienced this - is it really too much to ask for a more detailed message that points to a specific place (log or similar) so a guy could actually find out what the cause is. In my case - I get this about every 8 days when the system wakes from a hibernation state via Lights Out.

    Trying to parse the Windows Home Server log collection just makes me want to eat an Advil sandwich....:)


    Monday, December 14, 2009 10:10 PM
  • Hi,
    the Home Server logs are not easy to read, I have the same problem as you here - and no Sandwiches ;-)
    Starting in the event log, if there is something unusual (error, warning) in a timely context could help already.
    Also regulary upgrade drivers, Bios (if a self built system) and Lights Out itself could sometimes help to resolve such stuff.

    Especially with waking up it could be a timing issue - a WHS components tries to perform something on the system drive, while it is still busy with waking up, gets no response in time and is angry now, presenting you the stick with that message. Sleeping is originally not a part of the Home Server concept - Microsofts secret slogan could be something like "Sleepless in Seattle".
    (Speculation only ...)

    Best greetings from Germany
    Monday, December 14, 2009 10:31 PM