Why do *some* of your signup Forms *require* my phone number for security rather that include the option for alternate E-mail? RRS feed

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  • Microsoft has found innovative ways to outsource technical accountability for their products and services to others including OEMs, Partner Channels, MVP Specialists and, of course, these User Forums.

    But when I click a Link to Ask a question in one of these Microsoft Forums, I’m prompted to Sign in to a Microsoft Account. And when I click a What’s this Link, I’m taken to a One Account for all things Microsoft Explanation. But when I enter my paid Office 365 onmicrosoft dot com ID and password, I get, That Microsoft account doesn't exist! It does exist! So much for One Account for all things Microsoft!

    I can click the get a new one or Sign up now Link. Both links take me to a form which requires that I provide my phone number because, “Your phone number helps us keep your account secure.” Despite hours of investigation, I couldn’t find satisfactory evidence that a secure “free” Microsoft account was necessary justification for compromising my personal phone number, rather than, let’s say, providing an alternate E-mail address, for which I was given no option.

    I did find chat support for my Office 365 Account and I was able to get a different Setup a Microsoft account - Click Here Link which did provide the aforementioned option for an alternate E-mail address or a phone number!

    My concern is that the unsuspecting consumer is slowly being duped into compromising personal data like phone number and location under auspices of security or operability when, in fact, there are other options that could meet such needs without compromising this personal information, if Microsoft would only provide options to the customer!

    Can you advise why Microsoft feels me giving my phone number is the only way to secure a free Microsoft Account?


    Larry Esposito

    P.S. I don't have an issue with Microsoft requesting the phone number (as optional) for those prefer to provide it.

    P.P.S. I've no interest in defending my rights to my personal information; I'm just interested in why Microsoft doesn't offer options for those like me, when if fact, some of their links do offer options like an alternate E-mail Address for security.

    Monday, November 30, 2015 12:40 AM