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  • I think that you should make a point in the Setup where the normal Windows User (without network-knowhow) can use the home server as the central mailbox of every person which has a password on the server (but every user has ONLY his own data!).

    The Setup of the Server only asks if the centralization is wanted and the Setup makes an share for the Outlook/Vista Mail and if you makes the client setup swaps the files (*.pst and all other) to the Home Server, make the changes in the mail programs & must set the synchronize option for Laptops. Then the man of the family can use his complete Outlook on a business travel, get new mails from the Pop3 over GSM or WLAN direct from the provider, save in the laptop new addresses and meetings. By the first contact with his home server the data should be synchronized. If a User is created on 2 PCs (working room and the living room) he can see on both PCs his complete Outlook.

    For an IT-Professional is this possible to do, but I think a home server should make this for the normal user with only 3 mouse clicks.

    Monday, May 7, 2007 7:22 AM