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    I'm a desktop technician and several of my end users are unable to search our Global Address list to add/communicate with them. When a user tries to FIND a user the following dialogue box appears with the following message:



    Cannot download the corporate address book.

    Cannot find the coporate address book.


    Please contact your system administrator for assistance



    I have dones the following so far to troubleshoot and resolve the end user's issue:


    1. Verified in AD that the end user's profile is set for LCS Live Communications

    2. Verified correct SIP URI ID

    3. Verified correct Server/Pool name

    4. Uninstalled/Reinstalled LCS Communicator

    5. Disabled/Enabled user for LCS Live Communications within AD


    Note: Not all users are affected as my LCS client is functioning correclty.


    Any help/guidance to resolve this would be greatly apprecated.



    Wednesday, May 7, 2008 5:53 PM

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  • Hello,


    I guess this information might help you a lot:


    Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 Address Book Service Planning and Deployment Guide


    please read carefully the last part! Maybe this explains that: "Not all users are affected as my LCS client is functioning correclty".


    Best regards,



    Internet Explorer Dependencies

    Because Communicator uses the standard Internet Explorer API to perform the URL authorization, it depends on the following Internet Explorer settings:

    Security Settings, including the intranet URL settings. For example, if you are using an Internet type (external) URL, such as http://server.com/share, for intranet (internal) users instead of an intranet URL, such as http://server/share, then unless this URL is configured explicitly as an intranet URL in Internet Explorer, Communicator will ignore this entry. We recommend that you use an intranet URL for internal users. If you have a specific need to use an Internet URL, you must manually configure this URL as an intranet URL in Internet Explorer, or you must use Active Directory group policy to configure the URL.

    Proxy Settings. If you use an HTTP proxy to manage your Web traffic and the Address Book data flows through this proxy, then the client will not be able to access these URLs if the proxy becomes unavailable or if authorization problems occur with the proxy.

    Sunday, June 1, 2008 5:17 PM