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    I want to employ MS Sync Framework on cover the following scenario. I have one server that has a folder with some files. The contents of these files should be transfered to a number of clients and should always be identical with the contents of the server. Changes in files are expected to be done only on server, so we are talking about one way sync. Each client is occasionally connected and must be synced when it goes online. The synchronization should be done over WCF service.

    I have two three questions...

    1) Change detection: How should I check for changes between these two remote folders? FileSyncProvider.DetectChanges method detects the changes that occured after the last synchronization. So, since each client is expected to be syncrhonized at random moments, I should keep one metadata file for each one of them. Is there a better way?

    2) File transfer: I was thinking the use the method shown in this article that I wrote a few years ago, unless you think there is something better to do with the sync framework. My main question here is how to override the default behaviour of SyncOrchestrator and FileSyncProvider. By default, the SyncOrchestrator.Synchronize method will use FileSyncProvider to copy the files using the file system. How can I override this file system copying in order to use a WCF proxy to transfer the file?

    3) Peer2Peer: Do you think I could involve peer2peer communication in this scenario? Since all clients are expected and should have the same contents, I could transfer files from client to client instead from server to client to reduce server resource usage. Does SyncFramework provide any help to detect changes and contents for this scenario?

    Dimitris Papadimitriou, Software Development Professional
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