Unable to "Add new content" RRS feed

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  • I previously reported this in https://connect.microsoft.com/Connect/feedback/details/558363, but was directed here (I believe).



    I have just switched to a new machine with w2k8-r2 and IE8. I have no idea of how my Internet Settings evolved over time with IE in my old w2k3 machine, nor what to carry forward into this one.

    I typically use IE for general internet browsing with security settings left high, then switch over to Firefox if I figure the site is trustworthy enough and I need lower security to access something in it.

    I generally only use IE with microsoft.com because in the past, some pages would only work with IE (MAPS pages for example).

    I really do not have time to become an IE and IE security expert, and I do not want to just willy nilly lower all security features in IE just to work with your sites.

    Right now, I wanted to add some content to some documentation and when I click on "Add new content", nothing happens. I am guessing its a setup thing in IE.


    Publish and easy to find web page indicating the minimum security settings required to perform various functions in www.microsoft.com, and related sites. For example, I've noticed I have had to switch to Mozilla to see the Left Hand Side table of contents in some technet pages.

    It looks like I can use Mozilla for now (easy - no setup changes or anything), but it is rather silly that I cannot use a Microsoft product on a Microsoft site, and that there is no documentation on how to configure the Microsoft product to work on the Microsoft site (or at least no quick and easy access to it).

    Friday, May 14, 2010 5:21 PM