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    First of all, I'm a computer science undergraduate currently in second year and I have this passion both for software and database development. My goal in the long run is to get the two 4.0 MCPDs and the database developer MCITP. I have taken no exams yet, but I'm currently preparing for them. I've already purchased a few fundamental books and I have plenty of time available since I'm not working as of now.

    That said, I have a few questions directed towards MCPDs that have taken the SQL Server development certifications (either 70-433 only or 70-451 as well). These are essentially questions about how those areas relate to each other in practice, in a professional environment situation. Anybody with enough professional experience to give me a relevant opinion or statement is welcome too, certified or not. :)

    Ok, suppose you have certifications and experience in both software and database development areas.

    1) Aside from obviosly being able to work with a higher level of expertise in both of them separately... a) Do you feel you're more prepared to perform ANY software development task any better than someone that is a certified software developer only? b) Also, do you feel you're more prepared to perform ANY database development task any better than someone that is a certified database developer only? c) In case you've answered yes to either a or b: are these improvements slight, average, huge or fundamental/critical?

    2) Are there ANY tasks in either area that you were able to perform properly ONLY because of your specific knowledge in the other field?

    3) Which other gains of having specific knowledge on both fields could you share thoughts on?

    4) What can you say about the current market demand of professionals with your profile of expertise? Please share information on where you live/work, and what exactly do you work with, both on a daily and in an odd basis (in case freelance jobs apply).

    5) Finally, as a bonus question, I'll ask this honestly having no clue if it will ever make sense (because I know absolutely nothing about Business Intelligence): in case you have BI certifications as well, does being an MCPD help you in any way? In other words, are there BI jobs/tasks that can be helped by MCPD knowledge?

    For everybody that had the time to read and answer, thank you very much. :)

    Friday, July 22, 2011 1:15 PM


  • I have both the MCPD and the MCIPT:Database developer certifications. I have to say that if you are going to develop line-of-business applications, being knowledgeable (regardless of wether you are certified) in both areas is extremely useful, especially if you are going to be involved in the design of the project end-to-end (client side and server side). I do recommend that you get both certifications if you can.

    About question 5: I have a BI certification, but I have not (yet) performed any BI tasks where the MCPD knowledge helped. It's not that I don't see it as being useful, just that I haven't yet worked in a BI project where the client application and the BI services were tightly coupled in a way in which both had to be tackled simultaneously by someone who was deeply knowledgeable on both areas.


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