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    I have a problem, i run XP. I used Zonealarm, Avast antivirus and Superantispyware which until last week had no problems. Last weekend i updated them all, had to reboot afterwards..but then my computer kept locking up as it restarted windows...just as the programs were loading and there was nothing i could click or do, even cnt+alt+del did nothing. After multiple restarts i got cnt+alt+del to work, there was nothing running under applications,but under Processes at the bottom were 2 files with no names...it was just a bunch of squares. I thought this might be the problem so deleted them.Anyway after playing around a bit i found out it was my spyware that was licking the computer up so i uninstalled it, and downloaded windows defender. Now however everytime i turn on the computer multiple messages come up about Windows not being about to find the files <square,square etc etc>, all i can click is ok, then it tells me to search for them by clicking start and doing a search..click ok again...and basically those same 2 messages come up about 5 times each to which i click ok to all...then everything starts up and is fine,

    Obviously i wanna get rid of those messages when i turn on my computer, can anyone give me any help? ive run antivirus and spyware sweeps and nothing has come up.


    Saturday, April 12, 2008 3:34 PM

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