New folders not syncing with Live Desktop RRS feed

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  • I created a new folder on my desktop Win 7 x64, added 2 files. A .rar file about 127mb in size, and another 12 mb zip file. Left the computer on all night and the files did not sync. I have a folder that I created about a year ago that I have been using regularlly, I added a zip file in that folder, and it synced up to my live desktop fine. I noitced this started happening just recently with one of the latest updates or after my profile got corrupted. I've uninstalled the product and reinstalled multiple times, removed and readded the device to the mesh. Deleted and recreated the folder on both the device and live desktop. The only thing I have not done is manually uploading the files and seeing if they sync to the device. I added a text file that was 1kb in size and it synced up fine, it is just the 2 other files that are not.


    I added a Windows XP box to the mesh, and the files that are in the folder that I added are going up fine. So it is something related to Windows 7, so let me know if this should be submitted for a bug report or not being that 7 is still in beta.
    Saturday, March 28, 2009 2:28 PM