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  • I have Microsoft Money UK with 1105 patch. 

    As I've read, I should remove the Windows Live ID / Passport as the Microsoft Servers have been removed since Jan 2011.

    I can't remove my Passport from my Money file.

    Here's the steps I do and where I get into trouble:

    1. Check that the internet is working.
    2. Open my money file
    3. Login using my Passport (Windows Live ID), 'Work Offline' is switched off.
    4. I can now see my accounts.
    5. Note that in the File menu, 'Work Offline' is greyed out (not sure why)
    6. goto to menu: File -> Password Manager click Remove button
    7. message says: "Turn off your remote access before removing your Passport" with instructions how to do it (although they are wrong!)
    8. it says: On Accounts Menu, click Manage Online Services, click Access your Money data on the Web (this is not displayed here), click Next, clear the Remove financial data from the MSN Money Service check box, click Next then Finish.
    9. I found the option in menu Tools -> Settings -> Access your Money data on the web
    10. message says:  "Limit your data to a single computer.  Currently you can view your investment accounts from any computer with Internet access. This information was last updated: 27 days ago.  If you want to limit your financial information to a single computer, you can disable the service that allows you to see your information elsewhere. To learn more about the services you'll lose if you decide to restrict all of your data to your local computer, click Next."
    11. I click Next button
    12. message says: "Features you'll lose if you disable this service. Some online services are only available if you synchronise with MSN Money.The following shows what will be changed or disabled if you limit your data to a single computer: Currently some of your data is jointly stored on the MSN Money service so you can see it on other computers. If you continue, the connection between your computer and the server will be disabled, so you can no longer synchronise your data. Unless you also choose to remove your financial data from the MSN Money service, it will remain on the server. No data will be removed from your Microsoft Money data file.<input id="chk_nuke" disabled="disabled" type="checkbox" value="on" accesskey="r" /> Remove my financial data from the MSN Money servers.  (the option to remove my financial data is not available i.e. greyed out)
    13. I click Next button
    14. message says: "Please Restart Money. To make this change, you must sign into Money while you are online. To continue, please close Money, restart Money, and then sign in while you are connected to the Internet. Then, return to this page.

    MS Money seems to think that I am 'Working Offline'. 

    How can I make it 'Work Online' so I can disable the option to 'Access Money on the Web'?

    My only workaround and last resort that I can think of is to export all my accounts as QIF's and import into a new Money file without a linked Passport, and in this case I may as well use the Money Sunset version...

    many thanks.

    Wednesday, June 15, 2011 1:21 PM

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  • Disconnect from the internet. You need to be working offline. You do want Tools -> Settings -> Access your Money data on the web disabled. I hope this works for you. I don't have Money 2005 installed to test with.


    Wednesday, June 15, 2011 6:13 PM
  • Thank you for your response.

    I had read that Thread but it didn't work for me.

    I did as you suggested and went offline by pulling out my network cable (extreme but to be sure...).

    Internet Explorer detected I was offline and displayed a message to 'Work Offline'

    When I sign in to Money, I get message:
    "Your sign-in information could not be verified. Go online or select the Work offline check box, and then re-enter your sign-in information."
    So I tick 'Work Offline' and sign-in.
    menu: File -> Work Offline is now 'ticked' and 'Go Online' icon appears on the Toolbar.

    I went to Tools -> Settings -> Access your Money data on the web. and click Next button twice.
    I still get the same message: "Please Restart Money. To make this change, you must sign into Money while you are online."

    As an experiment, I then plugged my network cable back in, click the 'Go Online' icon in the toolbar (which then disappears) and try again but I still get the same message.  It's like it cannot detect that Money is online as it can't find a network address that it is looking for which Microsoft may have turned off...

    Thursday, June 16, 2011 11:46 AM
  • Sorry to hear that it works that way. At least you can get to your data.

    You might consder QIF export+import into a new file. However you will lose some information during the process. You can try it and see which file you prefer working with.

    If you do QIF export+import, you could even change versions of Money if you wanted to.

    Thursday, June 16, 2011 12:24 PM