Cc & Bcc options RRS feed

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  • It would be extremely helpful if we could set up rules for Cc or Bcc. When I am away from the office I always Bcc to send e-mails back to my office so I have a record of messages sent on the road. Since my Outlook rules move these messages into my sent box I have a chronology of messages stored in one place and associated with any client work or records. Unfortunately, I have to take the time to Cc or Bcc manually.


    Years ago, when I had a Psion and a Visor, we had the option to preset Cc or Bcc with an e-mail address just like we preset the reply filed with an address. It was very handy.


    Hopefully future versions of Windows Mobil will give us one of these options.


    Wednesday, June 11, 2008 2:32 PM