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  • General discussion

  • Conference name: ECTA- International Conference on Evolutionary Computation Theory and Applications

    Venue: Paris, France

    Event Date:24-26 October, 2011


    Considered a subfield of computational intelligence focused on combinatorial optimization problems, evolutionary computation is associated with systems that use computational models of evolutionary processes as the key elements in design and implementation, i.e. computational techniques which are based to some degree on the evolution of biological life in the natural world. A number of evolutionary computational models have been proposed, including evolutionary algorithms, genetic algorithms, the evolution strategy, evolutionary programming, and artificial life.


        * Genetic Algorithms
        * Representation Techniques
        * Software Engineering Issues; Metamodelling
        * Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization
        * Evolutionary Art and Design
        * Game Theory and Applications
        * Evolution Strategies
        * Machine Learning
        * Artificial Life
        * Cognitive Systems
        * Evolutionary Robotics and Intelligent Agents
        * Society and Cultural Aspects of Evolution
        * Concurrent Co-operation
        * Co-evolution and Collective Behavior
        * Swarm/Collective Intelligence
        * Biocomputing and Complex Adaptive Systems
        * Bio-inspired Hardware and Networks
        * Hybrid Systems


    Conference date: 24-26 October, 2011

    Regular Paper Submission: May 12, 2011
    Authors Notification (regular papers): July 8, 2011
    Final Regular Paper Submission and Registration: July 27, 2011


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