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    I just spent 4 hours creating 4 word documents at a sheraton hotel in tempe, Az.  I saved each one in "My docs," then left for 5 minutes for a smoke.  came back and desktoop was up and all files were gone.


    Opened word, and file recovery hsad 2 of tghem in window at left side of word weindow.  when I clicked to sopen "original" of the first document, a window appeared in middle of page stating the file could not b e found.  went to fronty desk, they sent person to help, he called the company that adminmistrates the computers here, he told me all open and saveed files are automatically deleted evwery three minutes that the computer is not being used and I am *** outy o0f luck.  all files were legal papers, about 14 total pages.  i am due in court in 2 hours with papers, and do not have time to recreate.



    Monday, December 22, 2008 6:04 PM