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  • I keep finding a malware/virus/spyware/adware file on my C:/documents and settings/owner. It is called Y9Y9 with two dotts over each Y. The virtumonde tojan had a YiYi, and Y8Y8 (again with two dotts on each Y) so I had seen something similar before. I used to be able manually remove it simply by sending it to the recycle bin. Then it would attatch it's self to a program and I could only delete it in safe mode. It was once again morphed it's self and right after I delete it, it will reappear 30-60sec after I delete it. I installed Malwarebites and the only way it will remove it is under tools, File kill (to delete locked files). I have my system restore off, because I was manually removing the virtumonde Tojan. I have installed AVG, Spybot, Malwarebites and windows clean up, all of which seem the keep my computer in good shape, exect for this Y9Y9, which keeps appearing and morphing. I know it is back because when I start my computer it tells me "the amount of system memory has changed." I just had new RAM put in my computer so I know that is not the real issue. Please help!
    Wednesday, August 12, 2009 4:18 PM

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