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  • Hello,
    I'm facing massive memory leaks when running my script on IE8 (FF, Opera, Chrome, Safari, IE5.5/6/7 - are OK).

    I have an <img> object in the DOM and for better reproduction of my issue, I wrote easy JavaScript function, which changes img.src every two seconds (so IE8 is doing resizing every 2 seconds).

    The problem: when <img> have no WIDTH/HEIGHT style specified, memory management is all OK. But when <img> have WIDTH/HEIGHT style specified, it's leaking like a ____ - every 2nd second I can see memory usage increase for iexplore (+6MB every 2nd second). When I stay on page for a while, it's no problem to get 800MB used memory for iexplore process.

    I repeat: this is only IE8 problem.

    Without resizing its all OK:


    With resizing, memory leaks out:


    Here is another guy facing the same issue with no success: http://www.vistaheads.com/forums/microsoft-public-internetexplorer-general/356292-ie8-leaks-memory-when-images-resized.html

    I'm working on really big provejt for me, and this is NO-GO issue for me :-(

    I would be very grateful if anyone helps me.

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