Account access coming up as "Banned User" - "Does not have access" RRS feed

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    I have a separate account that I need to use but it it keeps coming up as "Banned User" and "User doesn't have access" and I therefore cannot post questions or start discussions because I flat out cannot access the forums at all.  I do see in my profile that I have posted previously but I don't have any replies that I can see and the only thing I have access to is my profile screen all else is not accessible.  This profile I am posting from is an ancient profile that I last used 4 years ago and do not want to use except to get my other profile fixed.  I need someone that I can either email or PM/DM to provide my ID/eMail address to so that I can have them check that account.

    I need to get that profile working on the forums because I am in a bind trying to learn a lot in an exceptionally short time frame.

    Thank you,


    Tuesday, November 26, 2019 11:48 PM


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