Utilising Speech Capabilities of the OCS2007 alone by stripping down the telephony capability? RRS feed

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  • Hi experts

    I am a newbie to Microsoft Office Communication Server 2007 (Speech Server), so I thought of consulting you experts before diving deep into the OCS2007 documentations.

    Now let me explain my problem

    We have developed an IVR Engine which interacts with the CTI hardware.
    Now we are trying to build TTS and ASR support. We have already proved the concept by integrating the Microsoft SAPI 5.1 TTS and ASR with our IVR engine.

    From my initial skimming of some documents about speech server I figured out that, it is a complete IVR solution which takes care of both the CTI as well as the speech processing and DTMF processing.


    1. Is it possible to strip down the CTI and DTMF features of Speech Server and use the Speech Processing capability alone in our CTI application (Speech capabilities in the sense, is there any interface or COM component or API exposed by the OCS2007 which can be used for Speech Recognition: pass in the audio data in and get the recognized text as output, and Speech Synthesis: Pass in the Text as input and get the synthesized audio output)?
    2. If the above is possible will it have any performance gain over using MS-SAPI?

    Hope you experts can guide me in this Regards.

    Thanks in advance

    Bijo Pulikkottil.
    Thursday, April 23, 2009 10:25 AM