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  • I need to go back and correct mistakes that I made when balancing my account to the most recent statement.   How can I do this.....?
    Thursday, December 15, 2011 9:01 PM

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  • If you have a backup that pre-dates the action that you want to un-do, you could restore that backup. If you don't have such a backup, this would be a good time to review your backup policy for future use.

    If the problem is that the process of balancing went wrong, but you can get the transactions and the balance to what it should be, there is a process to mark the account balanced. Then you could balance in the common way thereafter.

    When balancing, you almost never want to change the statement starting balance. Money computes that as the sum of all of the transactions that have been marked balanced.

    If you still have a problem, tell us more about that. Include what version of Money you are using, in case that matters.



    Thursday, December 15, 2011 9:38 PM
  • I have Money Plus.  I purchased in 2008.  I balanced my account about a month ago I have a backup a couple days before I balanced it.   I have entered alot of new transactions since then If I open the restore the backup file will I have to re-enter the transactions made after the back up date?  I am using money to run my business so there are a good 60 transactions since that time.

    Or what is the process of marking the account balanced?  What happened is I was off when balancing the account by like 60 dollars.  I couldn't not figure out what was missing and got frustrated and let the computer adjust the account balance.   Going into balance the following month I realized my Mistakes and would like to correct them.


    Thanks for the help

    Thursday, December 15, 2011 10:06 PM
  • To get things straightend out, I would Void (or Delete) the transaction that Money added. Sorting  by the order of entry could help with finding that.

    If you wish to start fresh and declare an account balanced, you can
    mark all entries balanced.  Select to show only unreconciled
    transactions.  Sort by date, and go to the oldest transaction.
    Hold down Cntl+Shift+M and let auto-repeat work thru the
    transactions until none are left showing.  Do not change the
    starting date or starting balance.  The starting balance is the sum
    of the transactions that have already been marked as reconciled.
    Then balance making the ending balance match the known balance.
    Choose the balance date to be the day after your last transaction.
    This is not the normal procedure.  It starts you with an amnesty
    for former balancing.

    Thursday, December 15, 2011 10:22 PM
  • A LOT. You have entered A LOT of transactions.
    Tuesday, April 18, 2017 3:22 AM