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  • I posed this question to Microsoft Support.  M Imran suggested I bring it to MSDN forums for consideration.

    I'm new to Vista, IE 8 and Accelerators.  I've read the help info on Accelerators.  I don't see a way to specify that my accelerator take me to the web site of my choice to get the info I want on the text I've selected in the web page I'm reading.

    For instance:  I use a web site at frequently.  This is a Bible devotional site which always includes a partial text of one verse of the Bible.  I want to use the IE-8 accelerator function so I can select the chapter reference for the verse shown in, then have the accelerator take me to where I can paste the reference into that site's search bar to bring up the entire chapter context.  I don't see a way in the accelerator help info to specify that an accelerator take me to  Is there a way to do this presently or is this something to suggest for advancement of the accelerator feature?

    For clarity on what I want to do, let me walk through the process with anyone who will follow me on this.  I go to  I click on the link titled "Today's Reading".  For today it takes me to for Jan 27.  The text is shown for Matthew 6:25, meaning chapter 6 and verse 25, but I often want to read the whole chapter, in this case chapter 6.  So I select, or highlight, just Matthew 6, not including the ":25".  The IE-8 accelerator arrow immediately shows up, and when I click on the arrow it shows the list of possible things I can do with it.  If I select "All Accelerators" in that list a second list appears, with "Find more accelerators"and "Manage accelerators" at the bottom.  But so far I see no way to command, or program, my accelerator function to take me directly to  If there was a way, I would simply right click the highlighted portion, Matthew 6, click Copy, then click the accelerator arrow to take me to BibleGateway.  Once there I would just paste "Matthew 6" into the BibleGateway search bar.  As it is, without this capability, I have to highlight the text and copy it, open a new tab or window, click on the BibleGateway shortcut in my favorites bar, then paste "Matthew 6" into the search bar.

    Note that in the Windows Help and Support article titled:

    Using Accelerators to find addresses, define words, and do other tasks with selected text

    it states:

    " You can also choose the web services or websites that Accelerators use to handle different types of tasks. "

    This seems to say I should be able to choose as the website that one of the Accelerators would use to open a new tab and take me there.  But I cannot find any instruction on how to do just that.

    Is it doable now, or is this an idea for development?

    Thursday, January 27, 2011 5:54 AM


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