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  • Version - Nov 04, 2007

    Some big changes this time:


    • The UI now scans the available Event Logs as opposed to hard-coding what I think you have - David
    • Fixed race sending multiple message at the same time - Andrew.
      This was nasty!!!  I'm not 100% sure I've nailed it.  Pls let me know if you see problems.
    • Fixed the SMTP No-Auth problem (Yet again).  For real this time, I promise - David
    • I now start the service automagically on install.  If there is no config, it will fail but will restart when a new config is saved from the UI.

    New stuff:

    • WHSEventMonitor_Readme.htm now drops in WHS dir and in WHS Event Monitor dir under PFiles.
    • I've added a tool (EventGenerator.exe) that will allow you to test your rules.  It drops in the WHS Event Monitor dir under PFiles.  Yes, I know I've hard coded "Event Generator" as the source of the events and yes I know that the actual source I use is "Event Generator:x" where x is the index of the log you are sending to.  There are some very good reasons for this all of which have to do with not messing up your machine.  I'll explain more if you like but I expect you don't.
    • Regardless of what I do, the FIRST event fired by the EventGenerator will register to the EventLog but will NOT be processed by the WHS Event Monitor.  I have no idea why, and have spent too much time trying to understand the issue, so I've decided to declare it (in MSFT talk) "By Design". 
    • PDBs are now dropped so I can better get a handle on issues when they arise.
    Monday, November 5, 2007 6:02 PM