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  • Let me begin my story, After a week of swimming through east indians on the telephone who not one gave me a case number or asked (I didn't know I needed one) and they barely spoke english, sometimes I was reconnected for up to 30 minutes to try to find a person who had a "better connection." not to mention my phone bill went up thanks to this mess. I was constantly disconnected and put on hold, but waited patiently and without complaint to assure them that I meant no harm! they felt that I called for the first time the whole week when I called 5 times+. eventually I came to one who gave me a case number and then sent me up to higher tech support powers until I got to a good fellow named Kel now this person was either canadian or american but I about dropped to my knees to thank God himself. He did a remote access to my computer but right before this happned my computer did an Auto shutdown and restarted which I brushed aside thinking that it was the virus, and hey I am dealing with it. Now Kel did a remote access to my computer also fixing and deleteing some stuff in my registries and found the virus that I had was actually a 3 part trojan attaching itself to Java's cache. it was removed. I thanked him he admired my wallpaper we hung up and left. only to find that my firefox was still redirecting me.... also that when I restarted my computer I couldn't boot into windows. But also that the operating system was trashed and I had to find a floppy drive and disk to flash my bios. LOL? which is odd because I take very good care of my pc and spend the money it needs to keep it running smoothly. I reformatted the hard drive which is why I am able to write this post. but at the same time all my programs are stuck on backup which failed to load back onto my HD and half installed america online (I'm thinking is this possible) again along with my now chaotic registries I mean it just sits in my system toolbar unmoveable... Atleast I got some of my video files and music right?... I now have the option to get an upgrade pack for windows 7 for 29.99. I'm like well atleast I can have a working computer for school :D? since I'm a student I do not have much money and I run the windows 7 upgrade advisor to find out most of my stuff including my sound hardware and drivers are incompatible with it D:? and it is (if possible) a pain in the rear to fix. also that now I can only use windows for 30 days because I do not have a product key for this, the hardrive was prebuilt and I no longer have the old product key this came with so basically I am screwed thanks to your "support" and lack of it and was wondering <<<how you were going to fix this>>> because I am a very disatisfied customer who worked hard for his money to get the things you guys recommend all the time to get my computer working correctly but infact your products and tech support are worth as much as belly button lint. Please email me your response this is very UNACCEPATBLE on your part. I have soon to be not functioning PC and over a week of bs thanks to you. besides the fact I have lost much time and money needing my schedule/programs/apps for things like Work, School, Life etc. I also lost all the programs that cost money like Realplayer and that my sound no longer works on the speakers or computer at all 5.1 surround sound... for example please respond post haste I customer satisfaction survey will NOT cut it at all and I have already filled one out
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