How to NOT get Admin Prompt after when running a setup.exe or a .msi file? RRS feed

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  • Good Afternoon, 

    Use Case: create a C# console application then I package it using the Microsoft Installer / Deployment Tools > this results in a setup.exe and.msi file. 

    We have a distributed system where we may have our team across the country with laptops and we have a utility to securely bring the setup.exe and the .msi file to there laptops and put it in a certain folder location. 

    I want to either have an option to programmatically create something that goes in and runs the setup.exe or puts the files in their own target directory WITHOUT having to prompt for an ADMIN password for the install. 

    Essentially we do not want to have to remote into hundreds of machines every time to type in the admin password to install a newer version of the application or an updated version of the application where both the old application will continue to run for certain projects and a new version of the application also be installed. 

    Also based on our technical requirements we can not use Click Once for this project. 

    Basically, I have everything working exactly the way we want except it prompts us for the admin password when doing the initial install (probably because it rights to the registry and because it adds to the Add/Remove Program). We will also know the admin password for all the machines so if there is a solution that is robust and does something to pass in the admin credentials in a secure way to get UAC not to pop up with the message please let me know. 

    Also please let me know if I'm missing something in my thought process or if there is a  third party utility that already does this that I can leverage. 

    Thank you 

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