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  • Hi there,

    can anybody help me a little with my update-application.

    This is the question :


    Maby first off all a litlle information. My application is a VB6 application stored in a directory in the "Program Files" on a VISTA MACHINE with UAC ENABLED.
    All the data (INI-files, license-file, access-databases) are also stored at that same location.
    Executing the application (as a normal user) causes  the UAC to move some of the data-files to the VirtualStore, but causes no errors wich is good.

    Now, I want to write an updater-application wich updates my application, simple.

    First, I do a webrequest to see if there are new updates available and then I download them to a temporary directory

    The updates are in fact CAB-files including a script-file wich tells the updater what to do (replace .exe, copy new file, change license, change DB-structure,...)

    Now, I had the problem that the updater wasn't executed with admin privileges. This caused errors on trying to replace the executables or registering dll's.

    My solution was  here to make a manifest that told the UAC the updater needed Admin privileges. This works nice, but throws errors on the other side.
    I now can't modify my INI-files, or license-files anymore. WHY ? Well, as I started my updater app. with admin priviliges, the program now looks for the files in the "Program Files" location. But running my main app. as a normal user, had the effect that all the files I wrote to at runtime, were replaced to the "VirtualStore" directory.

    So I can't do the both together ?!?

    I could rewrite the main application and place all my settings in the "common applicationdata" directory, but that's a lot of work.

    Is there ANY other solution/workaround for my problem ?? How do other people handle with this ?

    I've searched a lot on the internet, but so far without succes.

    Can somebody help me ?


    Frederick R.

    Where do I need to post this to get the best help.


    Frederick R.

    Wednesday, April 15, 2009 1:32 PM