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  • I had originally set up a folder pairing:
    Left Folder: X:\ 
    Right Folder: V:\X_Drive

    The goal: sync the two folders so that I have an exact duplicate in multiple locations.

    This was working fine. Then suddenly, I noticed I ran out of space in the X: Drive because the pairing created the following...


    The Sync creates V:\X_Drive\X
    Within it, it creates all the subfolders of the actual X Drive.

    Then, when it attempts to sync, I end up with a X:\X folder, thus, duplicating the entire X: drive within the X: drive itself. I double checked my other pairings and this is happening to all of them. This was not happening after the initial syncs were completed (as far as I know, but its possible it did and I didn't notice - although I'd be shocked because I use X:\Xrays folder a lot and would have noticed another "X" folder just before it at some point over the past month).


    So, I want to simply have a pairing (I'll start with the X: Drive) that does this:

    Left Folder: X:\*.* (sync) - with whatever settings I opt for

    Right Folder: V:\X_Drive - wherein, the subfolders of the X: drive would be listed (and preferably not in V:\X_Drive\X as that's not what I am asking for).

    Can anyone provide me with some direction on this? 
    Once I get this resolved, I'll duplicate the set up for the remaining 6 drives.

    If this matters or not:

    SyncToy 2.1
    Syncing is scheduled via Windows Task Scheduler 


    Friday, June 3, 2011 5:09 PM

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  • Am I missing something here - there have been over 250 views, yet no one from Microsoft can provide an explanation?
    At least point me to another thread if it's already been answered. I've searched numerous times and can't find an explanation, hence my posting here. 
    Monday, June 13, 2011 8:48 PM