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  • Hello,

    I have deployed OCS + Mediation + Nortel CS1000 rel. 5.5 and MCM 3.5.

    The integration work very fine except the impossibility to use MOC for Voice (but I wrote this in another post).

    The question is: If I have a mixed environment, were some users are integrated with dual fork and RCC (with TLSV licence) and other users use only MOC for call (without desk phone), is possible to use the CS1000 as simple gateway like Dialogic, AudioCodes, ecc...?


    I have tried to disable on siple users (only MOC) the checkbox "Enable PBX Integration" and I have deployed another Mediation Server for these users (the users with inntegration using the path OCS-->Mediation A -->MCM -->CS1000 while the users without integration using the path OCS-->Mediation B --> CS1000.


    In the Line URI i have the number in this format: tel:+44xxxyyyyyyZZZ;ext=ZZZ, where ZZZ in internal number.


    On OCS I have a Normalization Rule that transorm 3digit number to E.164 (BBB-->44xxxyyyyyyBBB;ext=BBB)


    On CS1000 I don't have particular number manipultion (I have seen on AudioCodes and Dialogic that number manipulation is very easy, while on CS1000 I don't have idea how it is possible).


    The problem is that when I call an internal number on the PBX, for example BBB the call go out on PSTN and then cam back internally, in other word the call path is PBX-->PSTN-->PBX-->BBB.


    I have tried also to set phone number on OCS and AD in 3digits format, but not work because is not E.164.


    Do you have some suggestion about this scenario? Or about number manipulation on CS1000?




    Friday, October 17, 2008 10:35 AM

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  • You will need to point your Mediation server for Direct SIP users to another Nortel Signalling Server.  It can't be the same sig server for direct SIP and converged office users.  This will require a route provisioned with dedicated SIP trunks and its own DCH.  The route will have to be provisioned with INAC YES to get the call into BARS for proper routing treatment.


    Tuesday, October 21, 2008 8:06 PM