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  • Its pretty simple guys, and quite annoying. I dont know how it happened but it did. I have a windows home edition disk that is suppost to fix any !@#@'# problem that occurs. I want to completly delete my hard drives information and reinstall windows. I have no problem doing a complete reboot but how is my problem. I have a simple problem but of course nothing is simple in computers. I start computer, insert my windows disk. The windows setup doesnt come up. It says missing the hal.dll file from the system root like everyone has had before. If I boot from the cd-rom I get a new error, DISK BOOT FAILURE INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND HIT ENTER 0.0. And I have tried puting xp disk in there no good, I tried making iso doc file that has the reformat option from my hard drive maker, samsung, but cannot get any cd-rom program I burn in iso image to @#@$ run. I know this is simple, I can take it to a computer shop and it would be formatted. I want to know how, how to get passed this to install my windows disk. I have tried everything in my knowledge database. I did a reinstall of xp a few months ago, the cd-rom is fine along with the hard drive. I ran a bio's check on them and they pass the hard ware inspection. Some one fix this please. I've read some post saying delete boot.ini or modify or it something like that, but I cannot do anything, I have 2 screens, dll is missing or diskboot failure. I cannot get into anything or modify anything. If I could install doc that would be great, simply reformat the hard drive in doc. I dont understand how tho considering anything I burn on a cd-rom disk and pop in the disk in the cd rom it doesn't run, just gives me the same 2 errors. -_- Any explanation would be absolutely awsome!
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