When repairing windows xp installation, product key doesn't work RRS feed

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  • My config file is corrupt - per instructions I load the original xp pro cd, press r, then it comes up and asks which install i want to repair.  The only option is WINNT, which i choose, then it changes to a c:\winnt command prompt and does nothing else.  I've repaired an installation before on other pcs, and this one just goes to the WINNT prompt every single time.  Can't start in safe mode, can't restore to a previous config, nothing!.  I have a student version of XP pro that I got legally with the cd key from college.  My CD does not state upgrade, but it does state 'not oem or retail'.

     I can recover all my data because like always the problem is only with windows, not the hard drive, but there is a 150 gig of data and I'd like to do this in an hour, not a day. 

    And I can't reinstall (which I've also done in the past to get a corrupted op system going) because there isn't enough room on my hard drive.  Then I tried to setup XP on another old hard drive (with important data), but I can't even use the CD key because it is considered an upgrade on that drive. Don't want to reformat the drives because there is important data that must be retrieved, so........................

    What's the issue? Why wont the recovery console come up? 


    Thursday, August 18, 2011 5:44 PM