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  • I have 2 hard disk drives in my computer. 1 with my normal XP installation on it and the other which I'd installed the Vista Beta on. Now Vista final has been released I decided to remove the beta and carry on with XP for the time being so I formatted the drive with Vista on. The problem I have now is when i first turn on my computer I get a choice as to which OS I want to start, XP or Vista. vista isn't there though and automatically selected so unless I sit there waiting for the selection screen to come up and manually choose XP, a timer runs down and selects Vista as my OS and the computer just hangs.

    Vista has obviously written something onto the boot sector of the other hard drive but does anyone know how I can remove or modify it so I do not get this selection screen again.The 2 OS were definately installed on seperate drives so I don't know how this has happened. It's very annoying.

    Thanks in advance

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    This forum is not for general troubleshooting questions about the Windows operating system.  This forum is only for Windows Forms programming questions. I recommend you to use the Microsoft Newsgroups for better responses: 

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