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    Pls forgive me if this is in the wrong forum.  As instructed I placed it in the one that "most closely matches your topic".

    We have a Server 2003 SP1 SBS.  A week ago saturday "something" occured and the server began losing/dropping FSMO roles.  I cannot find anything specific in the logs to give me a clue as to exactly what might have happened to cause this problem.  I was first made aware of the problem Monday morning with a report of very slow logins.  Could not find anything obviously wrong and considering that we've had HD space issues in the past elected to remotely reboot the server.  (As i write this there is 4.7GB available of 28GB on the C: drive.) Didn't hear anything further on Monday, was onsite Tuesday to install a new WIN7 Pro workstation and received errors indicating that I could not connect to the Domain and further that the Domain was not available.  User's also reported that they were still having slow logins and other network activity was also much slower.  A review of the logs on Tuesday revealed numerous errors related to the DC and low disk space.  After working through a number of errors I finally got to the root cause on Thursday.  3 FSMO roles were not assigned to our server.  Specifically, schema, domain naiimg master and PDC.  Since there are no other DC's in the network I successfully seized the roles back to the server and thought we had the problem solved.  5AM the following morning the roles were gone again.  I noted that free disk space on C: was down to less than 2GB.  I seized them back and remotely rebooted the server.  By the time I arrived onsite about 9AM they were gone again.  I spent the day carefully freeing disk space on C: to get it to where it is now, ie approx. 4.7GB free space.  I rebooted the server and the roles came back and again we thought we'd solved the problem.  Again, by Saturday morning the roles were gone again (schema, domain naming master and PDC).  In all cases when I seized roles the RID and infastructure master were still inplace.  We have no indication that any hardware issue exists.  netdiag -v does not indicate any errors.  This server has been inplace and running for quite a few years without any problems or indications of problems and is slated to be repalced later this year. 

    Naturally if anyone has any suggestions that they think might resolve this situation I would be grateful to hear them.  Otherwise I feel that I'm at the point where I must seriously consider restoring the server from tape.  Now perhaps I've been increadibly lucky or unlucky, depending on your point of view, but I've never had to restore a server.  I have two full backups from before the problems began.  Naturally users have been working since this began which means that I do not want to restore the exchange postoffice databases or the user shared files.  Both the exchange stores and the user shared folders are on the D: drive.  I have read the MS document covering backup and restore.  Is it enough to restore just the system state or do I need to restore everything except the user shared folders and the first storage group?  What about the Microsoft Information store?

    I'm sure this isn't enough information but it's the problem and where I'm at in a nutshell.  Thank-you in advance for any help you can provide.


    Tuesday, March 22, 2011 12:26 AM