Argh. Vista has hit an iceberg and is sinking fast, or I cannot run any downloaded programs RRS feed

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    For soem reason I have seem to be having a few problems which I beleive to be connected.


    1. Defender will not update.

    2. One care is not working, unistalled it and thne tried to reinstall but (see point 3)

    3. Any software I have tried to download (free virus software avast etc) comes up with a problem message that Vista can't resolve, so in effect literally any software I try to run does not work!

    4. Argh?


    Any body else had an issue like this recently. If it rings any bells or someone would like to assit I will post further information rather than these generalised ramblings of discontent.


    So to recap. Vista will not allow any of my downloaded programms to work, stating there is problem but giving no other info.


    Thanks for your time

    A perpetual newb.


    Wednesday, January 16, 2008 12:16 PM