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  • Hi there,


    Just installed WHS RC on my Vista desktop using VMware Virtual Server. I created two virtual machines, one for WHS and one for a Windows XP Home installation. All settings are at their default values. Installation without errors.


    I noticed the following in setting up WHS, which I think might be confusing to end users who don't know a lot about computers, user accounts and so on.


    After installing the WHS server I ran the client setup on Windows XP using the connector CD. After installation the WHS software prompts me with a warning that there is no user account named "owner" on the WHS server (quote: "A user account with logon name Owner does not exist on Windows Home Server" ). It then suggests to create one.

    Apparantly in Windows XP Home, if you install it using defaults, the default user account is named Owner (didn't know that before).


    I don't think the WHS dialog should suggest to create a user named Owner on the server. Instead, it should recommend to set up named user accounts (John, Patrick, etc) for the client right away. What would happen if you have more than one XP Home workstation, all with a user named Owner? It has some suggestions in the help file, but most people don't read that.



    In the help section that states "Why should logon names match?" there is also some confusion. In the heading "To rename a user account" it tells you to go to the Local User and Groups snap-in in Computer Management, but this node does not exist in Windows XP Home (at least not on this installation). I suggest to point the user to the User icon in Control Panel, which has a far more comprehenive interface for user management.





    Thursday, June 21, 2007 7:02 PM