multiple instances of iexplore.exe continue in task manager after Internet Explorer 8 is closed

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  • After I close Internet Explorer8, multiple instances of iexplorer.exe continue to run in the task manager on one computer in a network of two in home.  The other comp is fine and does not exhibit this behavior.  When IE8 is run for the first time after a clean boot, IE8 auto-recovers from a supposed crash.  When I manually end all iexplore.exe instances in the task manager, and then reboot and open IE8, I get no auto-recover.  Presumably, the IE8 auto-recover results from the multiple instances of iexplore.exe that still are running when the computer is shut down without manually ending the programs in task manager.  Ive checked MSCONFIG and startup folders.  Disabled all IE add-ons.  Ran spyware detection software.  All clear as much as I can tell.  What would cause IE8 to continue to run in task manager when the program window is closed by the user?
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