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  • I recently had a harddrive failure and had to obtain a new computer.
    I reinstalled Money 2004 from my  installation disk but can not access  my Money file.
    I see I am not alone with PASSPORT password problem for a reinstalled Money 2004.

    The HELP says:<... To use your Money file, just select I don't need to use online features that
    require Passport this time
    when you sign in. Money won't try to access the
    Internet, and you can access and use your Money file as you normally would. ...>

    How can I invoke  this option?

    I have more than 10 years of Financial History in that file, I should like to recover it.

    Ray A

    Sunday, April 15, 2012 1:38 AM

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  • I presume you are not in North America.

    Your disk is probably Money 2005. It is possible it is Money 2004, but unlikely. With Money 2004, Help->About would say Money 2004, and it have a version of 12.something. If your version is, then you need the new installation file. Your CD will no longer be of use to you.

    If you indeed have version version, download the Money UK or International English installation file (as appropriate) via the link on the first post of
    this forum.  Keep a copy in a safe place, such as burn a copy onto
    a CD that you keep in a safe place.  Use the downloaded file to
    install onto your new Windows 7 installation.  You only need to
    copy your existing *.mny file and latest *.mbf file onto your Documents folder
    on the new computer.  In particular, do not put the data files within
    the ProgramFiles folder.

    Launch Money for the first time on the new computer by
    right-clicking the *.mny file in In the new computer. Once inside Money,
    go to Tools->Settings->BackupOptions, and set the location for your
    "backup my Money file every time I close Money" to a place in your Documents
    folder. The best way to do this is to use the Browse button. Also set
    the location for your scheduled backup. A USB drive is usually a good place
    to put your scheduled backup.

    Interesting about the Help. When you start Money after installation, Do not attemt to change your Passport. Use the Passport credentials in effect when the file was successfully saved. If you have further problem, disconnect from the Internet (pull the cable or turn off the modem -- whatever it takes). Then sign in  with your credentials, but click below the
    password field to select "I want to sign in to Money directly,
    without access to all online services." then click Next.

    Sunday, April 15, 2012 3:49 PM