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  • The latest release from Fall '13 has proven to be nothing but a cost burden and headaches for my company.  We now experience slow transitions between pages and opening of the new web based forms.  We have spent a large amount of money with our CRM consultants & external IT support to get converted to the new system and we still are experiencing users that cannot log in, users that are not able to access accounts and a variety of other random issues, including horribly slow response times.  All of the issues of one user seem totally unrealted to those issues of another user.  The only consistent between them is they are all random occurances.

    How do we get past this "break in period", beyond the excessive consultant costs and get back to productivity on this new system???  Can't we just go back to the prior version???  Everything was working so well!!!

    Friday, February 14, 2014 7:18 PM