Being able to open backups of other computers. RRS feed

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  • When logged onto the WHS itself. The way I see it if your logged into the WHS server as admin, you should be able to open up the other computers backups to retrieve/backup indvidual files for the other users. Without the need of remoting into that computer and opening the WHS console through that computer to access the backups for it

    I can see some issues for example if the user is logged into their computer and they still have a different version of that file still open in word and they swear they don't :-). But what if the option was there to restore that file to their personal share on the WHS? Or being able to browse the location you want to save it to? As whoever has admin rights/access should be able to have full rights to anything on the server right?

    Now granted this is for a home market but usually there will be at least one person that will be the techie for the house and the rest just don't care about backing up and not caring about learning to do anything but what they use the computer for be it Ebay or playing solitare and just want someone to fix it now without the minuim of fuss etc.

    Saturday, March 10, 2007 5:22 PM