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  • OneCare informs me that I "should only allow programs to do this if you trust the program and its publisher."

    Why does Windows Live OneCare block itself, when it breaks curfew and attempts AWOL?

    It is GtCC.exe.  Any thoughts on the matter?  This happens with unusual frequency.  Has my security been breached?  And what does it mean when the curser jumps in the middle of typing, to another location on the screen?  Someone, please answer!  I run spyware sweeps all the time.

    Friday, April 11, 2008 7:26 AM


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  • There have been a few reports of this happening, but no cause has been identified yet. Clearly, something is not right with OneCare blocking one of its own components.

    I would recommend contacting support on the gtcc issue, but they will likely suggest a reinstall to see if this will fix it.


    As for the cursor jumping, that could be due to a driver issue for the mouse or the video. It can even be a hardware issue. I had it happen when the contacts in the scroll wheel on the Microsoft wireless desktop elite keyboard got dirty from under-use. Drove me crazy until I realized it seemed to happen when the keyboard was being used for typing. Once I spun the wheel a number of times, all was well.


    What type of scans are you running in addition to OneCare? Is anything resident and running in addition to OneCare? That could be a factor in the gtcc issue...


    Friday, April 11, 2008 11:29 AM
  • For support I will have to contact the local phone company, DSL and programing provider; I have a Kensington wireless mouse and keyboard with a laptop/notebook computer.  I can move around, couch potato style if I wish.  It is very new.  The Kensington seems to be very accurate, more so than the portable wireless mini-mouse I have been using.  I should remove programing for the mini-mouse,...the same issue (jumping cursor) has happened with various hardware.  The Kensington is wheel less.  Good try. 


    I run Spysweeper constantly.  I cannot set it to Task Manager, because Task Manager does not run. 


    I try to run OneCare a couple times a week.


    They are always run on on demand, because Task Manager will not run, and they will never be done otherwise. 


    Mainly, I was surprised that a program would try to 'call' out.  I needed reasurance that it wasn't normal operation.  I'm pretty programing ignorant, but I envision my goal as creating a flame thrower and pitchfork program that 'eliminates' all dubious programming bugs at the source without dammaging the operating system.  I've gotten pretty good (read:  fair) at re-instal. Which means I've gotten pretty good at search and destroy, mainly my own system.


    Besides Webroot Window Washer, there are some other programs, but they don't have their own services, engines, don't even run on their own.  There was a registry (free) scanner that doesn't work anymore.  The MSN premium or DSL  platinum programming are the most interactive.  Then there's WMP, active X, games, REAL, flash, that sort of thing.


    I have another question:  Why doesn't Windows Defender stay installed on my system?  I can install it, then it disappears.  I thought it was supposed to work with OneCare.


    Sunday, April 13, 2008 12:07 AM
  • In reply to your WinDefender question, it was incorporated into OneCare's scanning engine so there is no need for a separate antispyware module running.  It is explained in this blog:






    Sunday, April 13, 2008 12:59 AM
  • If you are running WebRoot Spysweeper, I think you need to remove it as it provides real time protection and I suspect that it may be the cause of your issue with Gtcc.



    Sunday, April 13, 2008 1:46 AM
  • Thank you.  But...


    I have checked my programming.  It is not listed.  I have uninstalled OneCare.  It is not listed.  I've previously

    downloaded Windows Defender and it was installed without a problem.  It ran along with 'OneCare' and then disappeared.

    OneCare and Spysweeper, are supposed to be components of QWest DSL internet programing with Windows Live. None of the security ware that I have pick up spyware that I know is there.  I have graphic anecdotes.  They take time to write.

    I just downloaded Windows Defender and it notified me that OneCare had to be uninstalled first.  No other information.  At any rate, the information given regarding Windows OneCare and Windows Defender do not co-inside with what is happening here. 


    Previously I had McAffee Internet Suite.It was nice.  When I got pinged from China, I could trace it back to the city!  Everybody should have that in their programming, as a basic.  EVERYBODY.  Like a  stand-off.  But then the programming was corrupted.  Logs disappeared, programming disappeared, chat help was impersonated, and I had to shoot the darn thing.


    The reason I want to use Windows Defender, isn't because I want to handle every aspect of security, or to micromanage it, the reason is so I can rip offending programming out by its very sensitive body parts at great expense to it's own existence.  Sadly, I have found that ripping out the wrong things can adversly affect performance.  I don't like to do it, but it has to be done.  OneCare is supposed to be provided with my DSL service.  If I install OneCare, is WindowDefender supposed to be listed seperately as an installed program a s well? 


    Also, this is a Windows XP Home Sp2; supposedly with Windows Defender and OneCare it's close to Vista Basic, which this OS is only qualified for.  I'm not sure what Vista applications or expectations should apply here.  

    Sunday, April 13, 2008 3:32 AM
  • I think at this point, since you are using Qwest, that you should contact their support for help with the OneCare issues as they provide support for it.

    Note that with OneCare installed Defender is disabled or removed depending on the operating system.

    And Webroot Spysweeper is not listed as any part of the Windows Live offerings on the Qwest pages that I can find. It *is* a conflicting security program when the real time protection is installed.









    Sunday, April 13, 2008 12:27 PM
  • Thank you for all your previous replies to these old threads.

    Fyi, the internet provider was very good, originally, but then degraded.  Technical support would redirect me to Microsoft, Windows Live, anything, and stand me off. They were not helpful. I did not receive the support I was supposed to receive. Service would mysteriously be interupted, even if bills were paid, without service notices and Service calls would be redirected to bill pay, on a robot that refused to respond appropriately and unconnected phone calls were interrupted in mid attempt by 'telephone repair', telling me to pay my bill, when there was no balance due.  I received the impression it was done for pleasure. As you will note, I attempted to rely on other spyware, firewalls, because of this. The computer wasn't shared with anyone, so unless there is FCC radio abuse of the internet system the internet provider was the most likely source of problems. My main reason for subscribing with them was the assurance of a firewall and access.  They couldn't supply either, and even their own account page was unaccessable. 
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    Saturday, January 16, 2010 5:19 PM