Folder can't be re-synced with OneDrive RRS feed

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  • I recently replaced my aging Windows 10 desktop with a new one. On the old Desktop I had a folder on the P: drive with 366GB of Woodworking files I synced to my OneDrive using the following command:

    mklink /J  "C:\Users\User\OneDrive\Woodworking" "P:\Woodworking"

    I used the mklink command on my new desktop to set up a junction from the P: drive to OneDrive on my C: drive using the command above. Then I selected to sync the desktop to the files. The following OneDrive Error occurred:

    Name: Woodworking
    Error: You already have a file or folder with this name in the same location.
    Resolution: Rename the item on this PC or online to keep both versions. If the items are the same, you can delete the version on this PC to download the online version.

    The content of the Woodworking folders was moved from my old desktop to the new one so it is the same as the content on my OneDrive.

    Here in my issue: I must execute the mklink command to create a junction to the P: drive before syncing with my OneDrive otherwise the files will try to sync to the C: drive. No room on the C: drive for 366GB. So deleting the Woodworking junction on the C: drive and letting OneDrive download files is not an option. I must create the Junction so syncing is done to the P: drive.

    Question: Is there a workaround that will allow me to create the Junction and sync the files without having to download 366GB? If you need more info let me know,



    Wayne Jensen

    Thursday, March 31, 2016 2:03 PM