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  • Hi guys


    I recently posted an issue regarding an old site being dropped after 2.5 years of solid rankings. I looked through most of the old posts and they all seem to have the same issues "My sites not indexed anymore". Now this is just to do with old sites but has anyone noticed and having the same problem as me that Live Search isnt indexing any new sites?


    I've published 10 sites since Jan 08 and only 1 is indexed. 9 were new sites and i'm sure some of you know what i'm going to say next the single site that was indexed was a redesign site which the domain name had been registered for over five years.


    I noticed one of the posts mentioned a time scale where sites are dropping off this does seem to have some truth behind it.


    I would be grateful if anyone else is having the same problems?





    Wednesday, May 14, 2008 9:08 PM


  • Andy,


    Looking at some of the posts around this issue, most of the sites in question are low ranking sites or sites that have been blocked for some penalty.  I haven't looked at any of your sites and if you can share the URLs I will be glad to review them or have Brett review them for you. 


    Time scale has nothing to do with why sites "drop off".   Sites rank changes as we review the factors that make up the ranking.   You should use the Webmaster Center to determine if your site is being penalized.


    When you first launch a site it can take some time to build the link equity.  My own personal experience with this was that I was crawled within a few days of launch, but didn't begin to rank for my keywords until a couple of months and lots of link building.


    You should read this...



    It is important that you review the details we give in that post.  There is no magic or mystery if you follow those recommendations you should see crawling and ranking for your sites, but if you are doing shady link building or made for adSense, then you may not get your wish.






    Monday, May 26, 2008 10:54 PM