0xc000007b error when I try to open HP Support Assistant on Windows 7 RRS feed

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  • This is the second new laptop 7 windows HP laptop since July 27 2010.  I took the first new one back in August 2010 and this laptop is doing the same as the first.  Blue Screening with the exact info so leads me to think this these i5 laptops are dudes. 

    I can't open the HP Support Assistant - I can't application failed with the error 0xc000007b.  A support tech for HP had me do a BIOS test on the hard drive and memory which were fine.

    I am not able to update one security update from Windows since 14 Dec.

    The Blue screen happens whenever, no one thing makes it crash. The same info but the code errors are similar to the above error.  I have read a lot of others having the same problem with blue screening with the same errors as mine.

    But, this is the seond new laptop with the same problem that I hoped updates would rectify, stupid naive moi!  If Microsoft is going to sell operating systems then please make sure it works.  I am fed up having to go through purchasing at great expense a laptop that doesn't work.  I am surprised I am able to stay on long without the blue screen popping up!  Some days, none, then every 10 mins then twice in a day then nothing. 

    It is affecting the HP products which uhmm need to update as well.   This is wu919ea i5 intel core windows 7 premium with HP products.

    Windows error for the security update  800b0100 I have run the trouble shooting for this error didn't help.

    The other errors from the blue screen 0x0000007f  similar to that but with different letter/number ending - says to check graphic or drives or unistall recent software, check memory.  Uhmm this is a new laptop and it updates the necessary products automatically so wouldn't if there was an issue with drivers for windows 7 that an update would be sent out but it seems to me many are having the same error code for running applications and with this blue screen judging from other forums.

    Dear Mr Greedy Gates, provide a product without errors or problems instead of constantly buggering about with it and the public are the one who pay a high price.  I have read some of the instructions given and to ask a lay person to try to correct an error and end up destroying their computer instead of telling those who bought the i5 intel core to return it to the store purchase to have it sent back to the manufacturing with the tag 'Does not Work - dud!' 

    Why should a consumer have to repair, unistall, reinstall so much on a new laptop!  I can see if it was a couple of years old but not a new product!  I added AVG, Zone Alarm, Microsoft Word, Excel etc professional pack, Malwarebytes, spotify, yahoo but none of what I have added would do anything ontoward the new laptop. 

    New means, new! If I bought a car would I then expect to replace the engine on the 2nd day!  If someone can help with the error that would be appreciated but I just want to take this laptop back and get a refund for the second time.


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