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  • I have a client WCF service that, inside of one operation, establishes a DurableSession and submits several thousand requests before returning. In another separate operation, it attaches to the session and requests responses via GetResponses<>. Essentially, I am exposing the asynchronous nature of the DurableSession through a WCF service instead of having clients use the HPC API directly.

    However, when the service actually calls GetResponses<>, what I'm finding is that I am not able to get _any_ responses until _all_ of the submitted requests are processed. In fact, if I call GetResponses<> while requests are still processing, the service hangs for an inordinately long time (I've experienced 40+ minutes) before even throwing a TimeoutException, despite specifying a 60-second timeout for the GetResponses<> call.

    Is this the expected behavior? If so, is there a configuration option or other parameter that can be set to override this behavior so that the service can pick up completed responses while there are outstanding/processing requests?


    Request operation:


    var startInfo = new SessionStartInfo ("Headnode", "MyService")
     MinimumUnits = 1,
     MaximumUnits = 4,
     SessionResourceUnitType = SessionUnitType.Core,
    using (var session = DurableSession.CreateSession (startInfo))
    using (var broker = new BrokerClient<IMyService> (session))
     IEnumerable<MyRequest> requests = Enumerable
      .Range (1, 2500)
      .Select (i => new MyRequest());
     foreach (var request in requests)
      broker.SendRequest<MyRequest> (request);
    Response operation:

    var attachInfo = new SessionAttachInfo ("Headnode", sessionId);
    using (var session = DurableSession.AttachSession (attachInfo))
    using (var broker = new BrokerClient<IMyService> (session))
     bool lastResponse = false;
     while (!lastResponse)
       responses.AddRange (broker
        .GetResponses<MyResponse> (60000)
        .Select (br =>
          lastResult = br.IsLastResponse;
          return br.Result;
      catch (TimeoutException)


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  • This is designed behavior. DurableSession won't return result until EndRequest() is called. If you want the result back on the fly, you can use non-durable session.


    Thursday, August 5, 2010 9:13 AM