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  •  Write in products at Opporunity level - I need the ability to override the MS pricing at the opp. level - like you can do in Quotes and Orders with write in products.  The client is getting pricing from an external db on the fly depending on attributes chosen in an iframe, so I need to use a number returned from an iframe as the unit price.  WHY is this (write in products) missing in opps but present in quotes and orders?  Anyway, has anyone else come across this? There is a black box function that calculates extended price on the opp product screen. If I try to force an amount in I can do it on the screen, but MS ignores the values written in by JS (or SQL after the save) and pulls the numbers for it's calculation elsewhere..

    Also wondering what the far reaching effects of bypassing CRM's opp product extended price  at the opp level if I have to..  Obviously the big one is the total roll up at the opp detail level.. is there other functionality we would lose if I stopped using the MS Extended price field for Opp products?  Would I need to also do the same at quote and order for Opps promoted to quotes and orders? Just begining analysis on this one..

    Any input appreciated. thanks

    Steve K.

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    Friday, February 6, 2009 1:56 PM


  • I check with MS Tech support and got what I expected.. the plumbing is in partially in place for write in products at opp level but not due until next version.

    I am thinking of bypassing the oob opp prodcut extended price field and replacing with a custom field. My question is what would this affect beyond the opp value rollup of products at the opp level and places the oob extended price might be displayed in listview/reports etc.?  I figure I could run a plugin on create of an order/quote product when created from an opp to flip the switch to a write in product so I can use the existing write in product functionality. Does anyone see any other gotchas here? Thanks
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    Friday, February 6, 2009 6:45 PM